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Hi, I am looking for old socks for an art project with my students. Holes, no holes, stretched out, stained, doesn't matter. Adult socks work best but I'll take what I can. Please drop them off at the school or contact me and I'll schedule a pick up with you. Need over 100 socks. Colors do not matter. I will take whatever I can. Thank you, Local art teacher
Silly old lady who thinks they are cool would like to collect a set.
Silly Old lady finds them fun but can t eat the candy so only bought a few but would like more
Looking for a wagon, wood wheels. Rotted up in a hedge row is fine. Thanks
I am a male aged 45. I am looking for a single or double room. I am available to move from 09/05/2022 and have a budget of $300/month. I would prefer to share with females, ideally between 18 and 41 years old. Reason being is I get along with females than I do men. I'm very clean and organized unlike alotta guys. Total budget: $250 monthly
Looking for a room prefer furnished. Ready to move in before or on Friday Sept 9th 2022. Will be working at Eisenhower Airport on a 6 moth assignment. Total budget: $500 monthly
I'm pretty laid back, stay to myself, and I don't have any weird ticks or quirks. I just need a stable person willing to pull their own weight. Total budget: $400 monthly
Rear hanger is a strap with spot welded clamp. Cup washer as shown. Needing these items. Muffler/pipe hanger midway behind muffler, need the cup washer retainer.
Want for my pup. Always teach my dogs to play on park slides but never had such a little dog before and the slides are too big. So I figure a toddler slide would work. Nerf gun for replacement for shooting gallery toy. Needs to shoot balls not missles
As it gets closer to the holidays I am yet again ISO yarn for community projects like blankets, gloves, etc.
In need of gray cinder blocks to complete a rabbit-proof garden bed. Single or double, or even grey cement bricks will work. They don't have to be perfect. I estimate I need 20 more, but a lesser amount would be appreciated if it's not too far to pick up.
I'm looking for a bicycle that I could use to get back and forth to work.
Looking for 01 DHG Bullitt, in the Midwest but willing to travel. Let me know what you have. Thanks
Like the title says I am looking for a headunit that is in working order. CD player quit working on mine
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