Notes from my foster: Cisco is such a super wonderful boy. He is very affectionate and happy to be in your lap. Call 316-524-XXXX to visit Cisco today!
Notes from my foster: Zuri is a very energetic and playful boy. He is also a adorable kitty who purrs loud and likes to cuddle. Call 316-524-XXXX to visit Zuri today!
I'm a ball of sunshine! If you adopt me, you'll be the luckiest person in the world! We can play and just hang out together. It'll be nice! Come by and see me. We'll talk more about the fun we'll have together. See you soon!
Pretty kitty here! I would really love to get to know you. Maybe we could bond over some wiggly string! Then, maybe you could take me home and we can play some more. We could snuggle while watching tv. That sounds like a nice life to me. Let's do it!
Do you have a home that needs a little festivity added to it? Nice, because I am all about entertainment and good times! Just head on up here to the Kansas Humane Society and check me out. I will not disappoint you!
I'm stunning and I know it! My coat is sleek and soft. My eyes are piercing. My purr is infectious! What is not to LoVe about me? I would like to find a Forever Family that can appreciate all of my cute qualities and virtues. Is that you? If so, head on in to KHS today and let's do a meet-and-greet. I just know you will fall in love with me at 1st sight!
I'm just a little girl, the smallest in my family. I love wrestling with my brother, chasing jingle balls, climbing, and playing in cardboard boxes. I also love getting loved and petted. It makes me purr. And you'll love petting me because I have this lovely, soft, thick fur coat. Isn't the coloring pretty? You ARE here to adopt a kitty, right? Make the right choice and adopt ME!
My name is Charcoal. Look closely at my face. See the white eyeliner? Don't you think I'm 1 attractive fellow? I'm looking for a forever home with a family who will play with me and love me and FEED ME. I like to eat canned food and dry food and my sister's tail. Oh, and I like to chew on cardboard boxes and stick toys and stuffed animals. And I can even fetch my little balls! You'll see that I...
Have you seen my images? Yeah. I'm pretty lovable! I would love to live at your house and keep you company. We can lounge in the sunshine. We can play! We can watch some tv together. I'm game for anything! Come adopt me!
Notes from my foster: Merida is a really cute and affectionate kitty. She loves to snuggle in your lap. Her fur is very soft and exquisite. She really likes to chase poof balls and bring them to you, like fetch! Call the receptionist at 316-524-XXXX to visit Merida today!
I am a friendly girl who just wants someone to love! Check out my best friend, Meadow! We are really close, so if we could go to our new home together, that would be precious! I am ready for fun times and laughter. Are you? If so, that is swell! I love, love, love to play! Can I come play with you? I would LOVE that. See you later!
My name is Sophie and I am pretty darn lovable! I have LOTS of love to give ! I love to be petted and give head butts! 1 thing that would be best for me would to be not dogs in your house. They are scry to me and I will only want to hide! Thanks for understanding. I will need my own carrier as I have a knack for breaking out of the cardboard carriers.
Look at me! I'm a sweet cat! I'm a fabulous cat! I got along with the other cat and the children in my previous home. Check out my best friend, Charlotte! We are really close, so if we could go to our new home together, that would be cute! I absolutely love laps, so if you've got 1 of those, we'll have a relaxing time watching tv. I really can't wait to meet you! See you soon!
Notes from my foster: Luna is a rare beauty with a personality to match. She is outgoing and playful. She also seeks attention and to be petted and played with. Call 316-524-XXXX to see Luna today!
What do you call a cat race? A meowathon! I love racing! I'm super-fast! I'm having so much fun here but I really want my own home. I hope to meet my own human very soon!
I'm psyched you clicked on me! I'm a steal of a deal. I'm super cool, super fun, and love to investigate all the happenings around me. People describe me as AWESOME, curious, active, and playful! The quickest way to my heart is through love and kitty toys!
Notes from my foster: Star is a extra lovable and playful little boy. He is very loving and adorable. He is an outgoing kitty with a terrific personality. Call 316-524-XXXX to visit Star today!
i am so ready to go home! everyone here tells me that i will find a home soon but i cant wait! just thinking about it gives me energy to run and play! i cant wait to go home with you!
Why, yesssss. I shall let you gaze upon my beauty and sleek features. I would even entertain the idea of you petting my soft, luxurious fur. If you are looking for a sophisticated, man-of-the-world, I am the companion for you. Come in and bask in all of my glorious-ness today! You will be so lucky to have me as a part of your Forever Family.
Hey! I am ready to go home with you! I have already got my paperwork ready and I am all packed. I just need you to come and do your part! Please hurry! I am so excited, I just can't wait!