Guess where I want to spend my time? Right by your side! I want to help you do the dishes, the laundry, and keep you company during nap time (that's my favorite time of the day). I am a real nice helper. You will wonder how you ever lived without me. Let's meet soon.
I sure love that camera! So here's the deal, I am looking for a new companion. Someone I can help out and make smile every single day! I love being around you and doing what you're doing! I can help you type on your laptop and even keep your lap warm when you're watching your favorite TELEVISION shows! Running, hiding, playing with toys, and enjoying some quiet time are all things that I enjoy....
I am so ready to fo home! i would love to go home with you today!!! so what are you waiting for! im extra sweet! take me home while you can!
Am i not the cuitest?! On top of my cutness i am also named after sally! so i am so ready for Halloween all i need is a family to spend it with every year! i hope to see you soon at KHS!
BOO! I am the pumpkin king! I promise I am not scary but i am so ready for halloween! i was hoping i could find a family to spen the rest of my halloweens with! ill help pass out the candy!
Hey there everybody! I'm having so much fun with all my kitty friends (and human friends!) here at KHS but I'm just so excited to go to my forever home! I've heard all about forever homes and I know that mine will be amazing! There will be an abundance of love, petting, and plenty of toys!
I am a pretty awesome cat! Obviosly im named after the awesome last air bender character! while i cant move earth like she can i sure can make you laugh like she dose! hopefully ill see you really soon!
Hi I am Misty! I am a gym leader for the water gym! naaaaaaah not really! im just a awesome kitty named after a really cool pokemon character! if you take me home im sure not to disappoint! and if you like pokemon id love to play with you!
hi there! I hope you are doing well! i would love to meet you here at KHS! come today and see me! It would make my day!
Im ash! Im the pokemon trainer thats going to catch 'em all! i would love to have a adventering buddy! if you like to be 1 come adopt me today and we can make all kinds of new friends! see you soon!
I'm a really cool cat! I'm also quite independent! I will be affectionate, but most of the time I'm perfectly happy just being in the same room with you doing my own cat thing. I do like to explore! Once I get my forever home I'm going to explore all over and discover every little nook and cranny! I can't wait! Come visit me soon and start our adventure today!
Yo! Am i not so pretty?! i know i am! on top of that im ready for Halloween all year round! i would love to spend every halloween with you! see you soon!!!!
Let me be right by your side always! I will help you with EVERYTHING! I'll help you do the laundry, I'll keep you company when you're watching TELEVISION, I'll even keep you company when your sleeping! I'll be the best personal assistant you've ever had. I'm a good catch, just wait and you'll see. How about you head on up to KHS now to meet me! See you soon!
Black cats are so awesome! i should know i am one! we are always ready for Halloween and we give extra love! come see me really soon ok?
Well, I am the last 1 in my litter to be adopted. Foster mom says I am so wonderful she doesn't know why someone hasn't adopted me. I am litterbox trained! Foster mom uses clumping litter in an open litterbox which she does keep clean daily. I am an excellent eater if you serve me Blue Healthy Gourmet can food and Friskies Nuture dry food. I love to play especially with that laser light thing a...
Need some help around the house? Who wouldn't want a attractive man such as myself to help out? I love to be doing what you're doing. I'll help you press the computer keys, hold down pages in a book, or keep your lap warm during your favorite TELEVISION show. You'll wonder how you ever managed without me!
need a Professinal biscuit maker?! then im your kitty! come see me today and im sure to love on you!
All you knead is love form me! pun inteneded! i would love to think of more puns with you!
Hi there! I am Brock! i came here with ash looking for new friends to make and new adventers to start! i would love to meet you and make a forever fraind and family.
Come follow me, I know how to have the most fun! Let's play together 1st, and then perhaps we will work on our tan in that ray of sunshine. After lunch we can invent a new game with some random piece of paper, and then take some time off to have a purrfect nap together. How is our day sounding to you? If you want a new companion as much as I do then please come take me home!
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